Workshop Notes & News

The Lamprey Pass Workshop, located along the University corridor in St. Paul at 2288 University Ave, is the workplace of Richard Brown, cabinetmaker/artist.

Please walk through this site, which includes a Gallery representing a cross section of work done, and a Blog in which Richard writes of the workings and lessons logged as an artist/artisan over the 35 years in business. This is a website in it’s beginnings. Hopefully, after looking it over, you take away a sense of not only Richard Brown’s abilities as a designer but also his commitment to perform on a design with skill and artistry. Please make Contact if you’d like to talk over an idea or project. Or simply acknowledge with a comment that you stopped here for awhile. Thank you.

Commission Work Defined

To commission something to be made is a chance to have an idea developed or realized to a specific style, form, and dimension. At the Lamprey Pass Workshop, the process usually begins with some descriptive conversation and some note taking. That’s usually followed by more design interaction coupled with suggestion as to the costs involved. If all is agreeable so far, a design is created and presented. After further handshaking, materials are gathered, benches are cleared, and fabrication begins. Leaving room for some head scratching and rethinking, assembly and smoothing are completed. Then it’s on to the finish, delivery, and installation if needed. An idea, brought from two to three dimensions, is said and done. Hopefully well done.